tambay - a Filipino slang derived from the English word standby or stand by which means "a favorite or reliable choice or resource," according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary. It could literally mean a person or thing readily available.

tambayan - a term referring to a favorite place to hang-out with friends. It is a place for discussion of everything under the sun. It is said that it formed the word taumbayan (people) together with the words: tao (human), tambay, and bayan (town).

Mikko James dC. Rodriguez or simply Sir Mik to his students earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology - Educational Psychology Stream with Specialization in Filipino at the Philippine Normal University, the country's National Center for Teacher Education. He is now pursuing his graduate studies in Sociology and Philosophy.

Mik served as Student Regent of the PNU Board of Regents, National President of the National Federation of PNU Student Leaders, President/ Vice President for Internal Affairs/ Educational Development and Research Committee Chairperson of the PNU Manila Student Government. He is one of the members of the ACT Teachers Partylist, the genuine voice of teachers in the Philippine Congress.

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